Annie Batten

Passionate cook & linguist

Annie Batten is a teacher, translator and passionate cook! She created her brand, workthatspatula, in order to share her enjoyment and knowledge of baking and cooking. Originally from the United Kingdom, Annie has spent time living in England, Wales, Malawi, the Caribbean, France and Italy. She developed a taste for travel and curiosity about other cultures early on, whilst a healthy appetite and love of food led her to start cooking as a teenager.

In order to pursue her enjoyment of languages and foreign cultures she decided to study for a Bachelor's Degree in French & Italian at The University of Wales. After graduating, she undertook postgraduate study, qualified as a language teacher and went to teach English on the French Caribbean island of Martinique.

She spent eight happy years teaching English, translating and learning to cook delicious French and Caribbean recipes in Martinique before moving back to mainland Europe in 2012. She now lives in the beautiful city of Lyon, spiritual capital of French gastronomy!

Lyon is the perfect place to indulge a passion for quality ingredients and great food. The Rhône valley is a fertile agricultural area that produces wonderful seasonal produce. Annie lives in the Croix-Rousse area of Lyon, which is renowned for its traditional French feel and fantastic food market. The market sells a wide range of local and more exotic ingredients, providing the ideal opportunity to cook traditional French specialities as well as diverse dishes from around the world.

Annie is also interested in health, nutrition and food production and believes that a varied diet rich in vegetables, fruits and good quality protein and fats is an important part of good health and enjoying life!