Anne Vidovich-O'Shea, M.A.

Claim Your Life Consultant

I have a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and have training in mindfulness, Reiki, Parent Education, and Life Coaching. I was a therapist for 6 years, a business owner for 8 years, Group Leader for Parent Education for 6 years, and a Claim Your Life Consultant and Reiki Master. In each role, I have helped clients find better paths to living and discover better solutions for challenges in their lives. I believe awareness is the first step. I believe daily practice is essential. I believe being willing to try new things is necessary. I believe in building a meditation/mindfulness practice. I have an active mind and body and it can be difficult for me to slow down. I have experimented with and tried many types of meditations. I absolutely believe anyone can do, but you HAVE to find the type of meditation that works for your personality and style. I have meditated for over 10 years.

I have researched and taken coursework including tens of thousands of hours of research into happiness, consciousness, self-growth, and psychology. I began my practice over 20 years ago. I am excited to streamline the self-growth and self-discovery process to those on the journey to be the best they can be. It takes work, tenacity, and dedication, but the rewards are amazing. You can open yourself to so many possibilities and learn to integrate useful and practical techniques into your life to improve productivity, stress management, authentic living, self-awareness, and rejuvenation. This journey has taken me to many wonderful places of discovery and exploration. In this process, we can truly learn who we are, build a toolkit to help ourselves with being the best we can be. It is through this process that we become conscious co-creators of our lives and build the ability to truly and authentically Claim Our Lives.

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