Annette Washington

The FoodiePreneur

I have been in the Food Business for well over 37 years. My experience in the food industry started where most kids start-at McDonald's. Coming from a military family, I held my first job overseas in Germany. From there, I joined the military as a Food Service Specialist and quickly rose to Food Service Sergeant. After the military, I was employed as a food business manager at several restaurants, I've managed contract kitchens, and have owned and operated several of my own food businesses including a sandwich shop, catering company, a cafe/bakery, and a mobile food truck.

During the course of my career, I have learned how to sell food. I continue my education even today in staying abreast of changes and new strategies available to help market food businesses.

My hobby has always been in the computer field starting back in the early 90's and progressing to the present. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and decided to combine my knowledge in both the food business and the effective use of the Internet and use it to help food business owners to successfully promote their own businesses-online and offline.

I am self-employed as a local business marketer working with food business owners as well as business owners in other industries.

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