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My name is Annette Willson I am a practicing Physiotherapist  in private practice in SA. I have a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and my specialty is the core, posture and injury rehabilitation. I train people in pain management and self care though Posture Biomechanics. I have had over 30 years in private practice treating hundreds of patients and returning them back to life.  My life passion is horse riding and this is the area in which I have excelled. This sport came with multiple injuries though, so along the way I have had to practise what I preach. Having experienced pain, injury and prolonged healing times with immobility I have an understanding of how hard it is to recover. Teaching Horse Riders Rider Biomechanics is my love, I do this though my Applied Posture Riding Program. I have three children and played various sports, including Hockey, Basketball and Squash. I know how difficult it is to train your core back to being functional. I teach this everyday in my work and I do it myself. I have had huge success training people to achieve Functional Core Stability. I was asked to write a program for everyday people, not  just Horse Riders, so now I am offering this basic Applied Core Stability course online. This is my area of expertise.

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