Anneli Bardland

Nutrition Advisor

Anneli Bardland is Certified in Nutrition and has been working 9 years as a nutrition counselor with people who need to change their health.

As a nutrition counselor, she examine deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and also adds personal diet programs and provide nutritional counseling for weight loss, training/exercising and for feeling better.

The interest and the reason for working and study in health, were initially problems with her own health; constant headaches and migraines. These problems could largely be helped with i.g B-vitamins and other vitamins.

This course covers problems people have, like headaches, stomach problems, depression, skin problem etc. and which vitamins you can use to feel better.

Anneli is certified in:

Vitamin and mineral therapy
Food as medical
Weight loss and other nutrition

After taking her course, you will understand the importance of really eat right and how you can cure yourself in many ways, and feel the best.

Courses that Anneli Bardland is enrolled in