Anna Nikitenko

TM Expert, Expert on efficiency, Team Leader

Hello! My name is Anna.

I am a trainer and business consultant on improvement of the efficiency of business processes and teams. For over 10 years I have worked in various international companies and dealt with the efficiency issues.

To create the new productive team, to make the team work as a single coherent mechanism, to unite the team ─ that’s what was my primary mission.

It was then that I realized how important it is to have such a resource as the time, and sometimes we really underestimate its importance and do not know how to manage it efficiently.

I started to study this subject thoroughly . And then began to consult the companies on issues of the maximum employee productivity with minimal time consumption, optimization of workflow and teambuilding.

Today I share my knowledge with everyone, provide corporate trainings and record online courses.

I believe that each of us can achieve more! And I'll help you with that!

In life, we have not only time, but time is all that we have to live a happy life.”

TM Expert, Expert on efficiency, Team Leader

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