Anya Swanson

Ancestral Honest Food Expert

Hello, my name is Anya Swanson. I am a loving Mom and the Honest Food Expert. I help parents know the truth about food - what is truly healthy and what is not healthy - for them and their children to eat.

I live and work in Southern California but I grew up in Ukraine in Europe. I came to the United States in 2000, in my mid - 20s. Within just a few months of my arrival from Europe, I gained close to 25 pounds just doing what I have always done in Europe - eating foods I wanted, any time I wanted, and as much as I wanted. The years that followed that gain in weight were full of food confusion, and weight and health struggles. I saw a very clear difference between the food that we ate in Europe, the same foods that our ancestors ate for thousands of years, and the foods that we eat here, in the US today.

I finally lost my weight and learned a lot about food from that experience. I have been always interested in food science, but when my daughter was born ten weeks prematurely, I became a ravenous Food Detective. I wanted to know the answer of why my child was born pre-term. My pregnancy was perfect and I was sure I was doing everything I possibly could to provide the best start in life for my child. I listened to the food gurus and the official nutritional advice for pregnant women. And yet, my little baby girl was born unexpectedly at only 30 weeks. She was born weighing just a bit over three pounds and was not able to eat on her own. I suspected that her premature birth had something to do with the food that I ate while I was pregnant - I could not find any other explanations and no one in my family had experienced premature deliveries before.

From that moment on I decided to find out the truth about the food that we eat here in the US and the foods that my ancestors ate for thousands of years back in Europe. I needed to know the truth about food, because whether the food was the cause of my babyʼs premature arrival or not, I had to understand what will protect my child and give her the best possible start in life. I was desperate to ensure that my baby would grow up healthy and strong. In my ravenous search for the truth I learned so many things I never imagined! And this truth came as much unsettling as liberating. It came in a form of a Pandora Box, revealing layers upon layers of misinformation, neglect, and outright lies about our food.

Eventually, this investigative work set my life on the course of helping mothers know the truth about food and what effect it has on the health and development of children, and what mothers can do to ensure that their children grow up healthy, happy, and strong.

Today my beautiful daughter is one of the healthiest and happiest children I know. She is eating the foods my ancestors enjoyed for thousands of years in Europe. This ancestral food allowed them to live long and healthy lives. By eating the food of my ancestors, not only did she quickly catch up with her “full-term” peers, but in many cases she outgrew and outpaced them in her development. She enjoys robust health, gorgeous smile, and a witty, cheerful predisposition.

From the experience of my pre-term pregnancy and the development of my child, and the importance of the quality of our food, I have dedicated my life to sharing what I have discovered and learned with as many moms and dads as I possibly can. This work is not only about eating healthy food, but also about the truth, dignity, and the legacy that we leave behind in our childrenʼs lives and on this planet.

Once you learn this information you cannot “unlearn” it, and the extent to which you will use it in your life is solely your own choice. Without this information, your and your childrenʼs health choices are truly limited.

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