Taimour Zaman

Get more customers and revenues by utilizing social media

Taimour Zaman is a university instructor who teaches social media + performance for today's complicated business world.

This program helps business unit managers get more customers by utilizing key social media strategies and techniques.

Participants often leave the course growing their business and/or getting better jobs.

Watch Taha's testimonial as one of the many examples: https://vimeo.com/53268617

The content of this course was designed and put together by leading social media, marketing and business executives.

About the founder:

Taimour is also one of the foremost authorities in causing achievement and transition by inspiring teams from various communities across the world. As Managing Director of The Access Group and co-founder of One Million Acts of Innovation, Taimour has created and advanced various movements in the sphere of innovation, healthcare and payments. Prior to founding The Access Group, Taimour held senior positions at BCE, Dell Computer and NEC.

As an expert in innovation and social media, he has been the recipient of numerous CEO awards. As a result of his work, Taimour has evolved insights into various key markets and is an in-demand key-note speaker and regular participant in various executive CEO conferences for organizations, such as Schulich School of Business and York University. Taimour is also the co-author of Thinking Outside The Bowl: Accelerating Your Business Genius, and a director for organizations such as CATA Alliance, 3D On The Net and Knowledge Media.

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