Anna White

University Teacher, Educator of students with bad grades.

Right now, I have published a course where I teach you methods to study and memorize effectively. All the methods I teach there are absolutely amazing to improve your grades.

I have a lot of students saying that I change their lives. For me, it's a pleasure to help you!

Most of my students that take my course, prove with their grades what they learnt from me.

After you take my "Learn to study and memorize effectively and get a better job" course you are able to improve your grades or position (if you work in a company) and GET A BETTER JOB or INCREASE YOUR SALARY easily.

In the end of the course with the methods I teach, you will be capable to memorize a new subject in a short period of time and remember it for a lot of time!

I teach a few methods that aren't been never taught before. They are funny and motivational to learn even more and better!

I'm an energetic teacher dedicated to help my students to have a better future by giving them the resources they need to do it.

I create new methods and "formulas" to give my students tools so they can became experts in learning!

Very proficient in the use of computers and programs.

I have already worked in 2 schools and in one university (that I'm working now).

Also, had already made a lot of voluntary work with children that need help in their school lives.

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