Ann Perry

Professional Numerologist

Hi there! My name is Ann Perry and I am Professional Numerologist. I live and breathe Numerology and look forward to teaching you how to "speak numbers" as well!  

By exploring your birth information I am able to re-introduce you to the soul contract you wrote for yourself before you incarnated into this life time. When you understand your birth contract you can finally kick to the curb all those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living your best life!

Teaching Numerology is one of my greatest passions!

I began studying Numerology shortly after I became a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher in 2002.  I wanted to be able to connect with my clients on a deeper more spiritual level.  By simply knowing their date of birth I could learn so much more about them! This translated into a thriving practice of clients who wanted to come back time and time again because I just "get them." 

I have had the honor of teaching hundreds of students as well as attuning Reiki Masters from all around the world. I created and  pioneered the first Equine and Canine Reiki Classes in Eastern Canada. 

I have been a frequent guest speaker on radio and television as well as a regular contributor to many publications. I continue to create and facilitate live and online courses designed to empower you with ancient wisdom!

My job is to teach you how to unlock the wisdom of your birth code!