Anja Altberger

Blogger, MBA, Corporate Finance, Social Entrepreneurship

Hey there, my name is Anja and in the past I could have been described as a young high-achiever building a perfect professional career. A little while ago, I jumped out of the moving train (i.e. my perfectly planned career, basically) to start getting my head into blogging and entrepreneurship.

My background: I have several years of experience in corporate finance advisory, during which I worked on high level Mergers & Acquisitions, Legal suits and Restructuring assignments, and had my first experiences in teaching, coaching and presenting.

I hold an MBA from a top-tier French Business School, with a specialization in Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Finance. During my studies, I gathered two years of professional experience working as: (i) an intern at the United Nations; (ii) an intern at the Deutsche Bank, and as (iii) a volunteer project manager in a Latin American Foundation.

Just for fun: I like to take challenges. For instance, I have run a full marathon (4:09) and an olympic triathlon (with an old city bike and only three weeks training). I speak five languages fluently and two on an intermediate level (constantly learning a new language on the side). My problem is that I've always been passionate about learning all sorts of new things. I am now shaping my own professional life to fit my needs and, hopefully, to spread the virus.

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