Angelos Giorgis

Joomla Trainer - Web Developer - Entrepreneur

Hello my name is Angelos and i am here to share my passions with you. I love building businesses, developing websites, selling and teaching. That's what i do and that's what i m going to to tech you here through a series of courses.

Manager of 3 hotels, owner of rooms to let, co-owner of a web development company, co-owner of a local training company and co-owner of a travel guide (most of them started as a one-man business and now we are more than 100!).

I love connecting with other people so i ll try to keep in touch with as many people as i can through my courses in personal.

A small bio of me:

Started as a fanatic of programming languages at the age of 16 (using QBasic) I realized that computer science was my destiny! A few years later I started my experiments on the internet trying to code some websites. When I was in university (Engineer on Computer Science), although I had very limited resources (especially for a young guy in Greece like me) and with the internet being at the beginning I had my first big hit.

Watching everybody playing poker and foreseeing this is going to grow I decided the best way to win in poker is to help the poker players! So I created one of the best ranking websites in poker related keywords. That was my first big hit as poker sites where coming to me to advertise them! Having this to my advantage I contacted and made some great deals for myself! It was the time that I was using “online courses" at early 2000's through my website.

After that I decided following my passion on teaching offline and online. I started my very first business and organized some courses for Greek university students. After that I directed a lot of seminars and webinars on different themes with partners from all over Greece. My entire life, my passion have been computer science and teaching. I always try to combine those two and I try to teach other people do the same.

My next step was on tourism. I m still in this industry in many ways. Through my courses you will understand why and in what way i m involved.

My journey continues and i ll be very glad to meet more interesting people....

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