Angel Love

Accredited Financial Counselor

Angel Love is a Accredited Financial Counselor, money coach, speaker and the author of Raise Your Credit Score in 10 Easy Steps and What Not to Do When You Win the Lottery.  She has been described as, “a walking repository of financial information”.  Behind her vibrant personality, is a woman fearlessly committed to motivating and inspiring individuals to think about personal finance in a different way.

Angel began her career on Wall Street, and then worked for several non-profit agencies over the years before earning her MBA.   After receiving the FINRA Investor Education Foundation Fellowship in 2009, Angel combined both her social service and business backgrounds to become an Accredited Financial Counselor.  She is currently a candidate for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation and completed the Certificate of Financial Planning at Georgetown University.

Angel has earned the trust of thousands of clients looking to improve their personal finances.  She works with people on topics such as, evaluating investment options, navigating the home-buying process, starting a business and budgeting.  No matter what the client’s net-worth…. over 6-figures, living paycheck-to-paycheck, or somewhere in between; Angel’s reputation for bringing out the best in clients, inspires confidence for them to reach financial goals.

Angel’s critically acclaimed workshops, presented internationally, have helped thousands of people break the cycle of debt and start building wealth.  Since the release of her 1st book, Angel’s reputation as a personal finance expert has exploded and she is a sought after public speaker. When she’s not writing books and teaching workshops, Angel enjoys reading and sightseeing and lives in Fairfax, Virginia with her family.

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