Angel Love is a Financial Planning Counselor, Money Coach, Business Speaker and the author of the Amazon bestseller Raise Your Credit Score in 10 Easy Steps. She's been described as “a walking repository of financial information" and a “Mafioso Consigliere". Behind her vibrant personality, is a woman fearlessly committed to motivating and inspiring individuals to think differently about their personal finances.

Angel developed a passion for all things finance on Wall Street many years ago. She holds an MBA, and is an esteemed 2009 Fellowship recipient from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. An exceptional public speaker and impassioned change agent, Angel is driven to motivate and inspire individuals to think differently about their personal finances.

Angel has earned the trust of thousands of clients looking to improve their personal finances. She works with people on topics like evaluating investment options, navigating the home-buying process, starting a business and building a budget. No matter what the client's net-worth…. over 6-figures, living paycheck-to-paycheck, or somewhere in between; Angel's reputation for bringing out the best in clients, inspires confidence to reach financial goals.

Raise Your Credit Scores in 10 Easy Steps is first book in the Create Your Money Series. Since the book's release, Angel's reputation as a personal finance expert has exploded! Inspired by great thinkers like Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and the Holy Spirit… Angel is a firm believer that we can create every aspect of our lives…. particularly our MONEY! Her critically acclaimed workshops, presented throughout the country, have helped thousands of people break the cycle of debt and start building wealth. Those who work with Angel universally agree that behind her vibrant personality, is a woman dedicated to helping people use their money to create the lives they've always dreamed of.

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