Angelique Vuilleumier

The Culture Development & Employee Engagement Queen!

Angelique Vuilleumier is a passionate, highly sought Culture & Engagement Director who exceeds at applying industry best practices to enhance company culture, increase engagement, and develop successful strategic plans.  She is adept at identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses to devise solutions and focused on helping others reach their fullest potential in business.  With an exceptional background in public speaking, coaching, and training/motivating hundreds of employees, she has garnered a reputation as a trusted leader in the healthcare supply chain & business arena for over 19 years.  

Angelique possesses notable experience surpassing financial and service objectives via a combination of superior program management, lean project management, renewed marketing directive and incentive driven rewards for achievement.  In addition, she is adept at analyzing complex situations to provide comprehensive solutions which align with company values and objectives. After receiving several awards, holding seats on several community boards, and building a state of the art facility, she continued to advance her career through a shift into culture and engagement, as well as completing ongoing education in the field of branding, marketing and sales.  With consummate focus on company values, continued engagement/retention, and flawless cross-functional communication, Angelique ensures that companies enjoy resounding growth.  Angelique very much enjoys public speaking and training others.  People call her the "Queen of Culture & Employee Engagement."  

With all of this in mind, Angelique still has a burning passion for supply chain and healthcare.  Angelique is the Founder and Managing Director of the consulting firm "The Bridge Venture" where she and a partner consult with businesses around the world about processes and tasks within business, but also have a heavy focus on behavioral, emotional, and morale within the organization.

In her free time Angelique enjoys traveling, eating clean, scuba diving, snowboarding, and researching industry workings.    
I look forward to meeting you! 

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