Angela Wallace

Business Intelligence Analyst

I hold a degree in Computer Science for Software Development and am employed as a Business Intelligence Analyst and Software Developer for an IT consulting firm. On a daily basis I build software, create websites, and both manage and create Sql and Access databases. The firm that I work for also offers instructor lead training classes to our members who are taught in person in a classroom.

Over the past two years I have taught the entire Microsoft Office Suite professionally in a class room to hundreds of business professionals who use the software daily in their professions. My teaching philosophy is that it is important to teach in a way that uses real life examples and analogies and breaks down and simplifies processes and techniques. Using real life examples and teaching in small simplified topic blocks allows others to learn easily. I have learned through real life teaching experience that not all students come to a class with the same knowledge base; so it is important to teach each topic thoroughly step by step. This means that every step is explained and demonstrated without making assumptions that a student will know how to complete some parts of a task already. This allows students to focus on the concept of what is being taught instead of focusing on a step that was not demonstrated that they are unsure of how to complete.