Angela Taylor


I am a wife, mother of 9, Dr of Natural Health, and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

My Vision Statement is: Repair the natural foundation of every person on earth using natural remedies and truly balanced nutrition.

My Mission Statement is: I focus on the entire person. I understand how much the physical body depends upon the health of the emotional, mental and spiritual states. I teach clients about the natural workings of the body and empower them to trust the body. The human body – especially the female body – is and has always been the most magnificent “machine” on the planet; intricately designed by Heavenly Father to function independently and requiring very little support and assistance as long as it is properly nourished and treated with love, kindness and respect. I believe that it is possible to find balance in an unbalanced world and that everyone has the right to create a level of abundance that fits the needs of their family.

I work with my clients from a viewpoint that the body was designed to heal itself and our job is to support it in that work. We do that through the foods we eat and the things we use when we are feeling "under the weather." The best support for the body are the things created for man by Heavenly Father, such as but not limited to, essential oils, herbs, and foods in as close to their natural state as possible. I recommend to my clients the same things we use in our own home ~ a combination of essential oils, herbs, mineral supplementation, movement and truly balanced nutrition.

As an Intuitive Eating Counselor, I help clients reconnect to their Intuitive Eater to improve overall health. So rather than teaching clients how to suppress their appetite, I teach them how to respond to that bodily cue and break the cycle that keeps them in poor health. Food is fuel for the body and when we focus on weight only we are focusing on a symptom. Reconnecting the individual with their Intuitive Eater helps to fix the core issue.

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