Anelia Mitseva

Certified EFT Therapist, Public Speaker, Udemy Instructor

Anelia's work is incredibly practical and has helped many private clients suffering years from fear, anxiety and panic attacks, totally turn their life around in positive direction . It will do the same for the students taking her courses. Anelia is most known for her ON-LINE 4-week intensive program for overcoming fear, anxiety and panic attacks.

Anelia, certified in energy psychology therapies, has a private clinical practice in Aalborg, Denmark. Coming originally from Bulgaria, and living in Denmark for the past 15 years gives her wonderful opportunity to help clients from Denmark, Bulgaria and abroad in their native languages.

With her engineering and research background, she has been teaching at university and college level. This has given her opportunity to show young people that, by using advanced energy psychology techniques such as EFT, eliminating limiting beliefs and boosting self-esteem is possible even for those who has little time for personal development.

Anelia had also successful carrier as technical project manager of big international innovation projects but the cost was chronicle stress, anxiety and overwhelm from which she successfully recovered using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Convinced in the incredible power of EFT backed up by recent research, Anelia's passion now is to help hard-working individuals achieve their goals and live a balanced life.

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