Andy Ross

Minister / Writer

After 10 years performing one-man shows in Chicago, New York and LA, Andy discovered that there was an underlying spirituality in his work that was far more important than the shows themselves. It was then that he decided to move away from the entertainment business and dedicate himself to developing his understanding of spirituality.

Over the next few years, Andy lectured under the pseudonym Mr Good, self published two illustrated books on spirituality, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies. It was during this time that Andy met the minister of a spiritual community who would help him further develop his talents as a spiritual instructor. After interning for a year, Andy co-founded Life Impact Community where he served as Assistant Minister. Unfortunately, Life Impact Community had to close due to financial hardship.

Andy is now doing Graduate work in Contemporary Spirituality at Loyola University and continues to lecture.

Andy’s diverse background in the arts, education, and ministry has given him a unique perspective on spirituality. He possesses the distinct gift of making complex beliefs and practices simple and accessible. According to Andy, there are fundamental spiritual truths within all the traditions of the world, and he wants to help you find them.

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