Andy Akrouche

Relationships First!

Andy Akrouche is acknowledged as the industry leader in developing and
managing adaptive, dynamic Public-Public and Public-Private relationships.

Andy and his team help organizations develop and implement high performing
relationships by moving public-private partnerships from fundamentally
static transactions to an adaptive relationship based on flexibility,
agility and ongoing stakeholders' collaboration.

Working with clients in both the public and private sectors, Andy pioneered
the first evolution of the relationship-based contracting model in the late
90's. Today, based on shared purpose and values, joint governance principles
and an open book framework, the Relational Model provides for establishing
and managing relationships that deliver exceptional performance and
sustained stakeholder value. The Relationship-based model has proven its
effectiveness in many high profile business arrangements in several sectors,
including the Transportation, Education, Health and Defense industries.

Andy delivers executive seminars and training programs on Relational
Outsourcing & PPP Management. He is the author of the book, Relationships
First: The New Relationship Paradigm in Contracting.

Andy is currently the President of Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc.
(SRS). Prior to SRS, Andy held senior positions with major global
organizations such as IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Electronic
Data Systems (EDS) and Ohio based Mead Corporation.

Andy holds an MBA from the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa.