R. L. Zeck

Slipstream author, Educator

Roger Lord Zeck mostly writes speculative flash fiction in the form of Slipstream. He has a Master's degree in Creative Writing, and has taught the subject at University in Korea. 

His  pieces can be found in two print anthologies (365 Tales and 52 Stitches), but most of his published stories appeared on the now defunct Alien Skin Magazine , including an early work, The Poster, which preceded Dr Who's Weeping Angels by several years, but ... well no doubt the parallels are due to one of those synchronicity things, what with it being a big universe, and all...

Meanwhile, BramblesCows, Pete and 5-Sided Bivouac can be found online if searched for with enough tenacity. Two of Zeck's pieces were shortlisted for inclusion in the second volume of the legendary Machine of Death. 

All the stories mentioned above started their lives using the methods in this course.

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