Andrew Zirkin

Info Marketing and Self Publishing Mentor

CEO of BrandSEO where we get your website to the top of the Search Engines. Andrew is also know as the Worlds First Expert in how SEO and Social Media Marketing work together with Social Search education product SocialWealthFormula. Called "The King of SEO" by Chris Howard in the photo above. As well as Info Marketing and publishing product creator at KndWealthFormula

Founder and CEO of a thriving SEO company BrandSEO

With Notable Clients such as:

• Mari Smith (The Pied Piper of Facebook)
• Chris Howard (World Leader in NLP)
• Jeffery Gitomer (Little Red Book of Sales)
• John Assaraf (The Secret)
• Jim Rohn (Grandfather of Personal Development)
• Ben Gay 3rd (Author of The Closers)
• DC Cordova (Excellerated Program)
• Brande Roderick (The Celebrity Apprentice)
• Ram Das (Author of Be Here Now)

Helping clients in fields such as:

• Personal Development
• Real Estate
• Legal
• Investments
• Solar
• And More

Our client Scott Partridge sold an extra 25 Million in Residential Real Estate from our SEO service alone.

Andrew Zirkin is known as the Worlds First Expert in how SEO and Social Media Marketing work together to get Website owners maximum results and revenue for their business online.

TV Appearance's:
• House Hunters International
• The Wright Place - TV Host Letitia Wright

• Christopher Howard - World Leader in NLP
• Ben Gay 3rd - BFG3 - Worlds Top Salespeople
• Clinton Swaine - Frontiertrainings
• Yasmine Bijan - HeartNetworking
• Jen Carter - EmpoweringWomenInBusiness

Speaking Engagements:

• Mari Smith's intensive Social Media Course
• Chris Howard's Billionaire Adventure Club
• Mensa Regional 2010
• HISCEC Business Showcase
• Tiscali Events London
• BNI weekly events (Education coordinator)

Certifications and Degrees:

• B.A. University of California in Santa Cruz
• Graphic Design Certificate WVOPC

Chris Howard Course Certifications:
• Master Results Coach - Business and Personal
• Presentation and Platform Training - Public Speaking
• Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
• Advanced Neurological Re-patterning
• Performance Consultant

Excellerated Business Schools
• Money and You
• ITP Instructor Training Program
Harv Eker:
• Guerrilla Business School
• Worlds Greatest Marketing Seminar

Clinton Swaine
• Extensive Advanced Speaking courses
• Extensive Advanced Business Courses

Tony Robbins
• UPW Unleash The Power Within 3x

Many Marketing courses from Mike Keonigs, Frank Kern, Jeffery Gitomer, Jay Conrad Levinson, Leon Jay and many more

Products I have Launched:
• Social Wealth Formula
• Kindle Wealth Formula

Published Books:
• Author of Secrets of How to Live in Thailand for FREE
• Real Secrets to Get Your Financial Freedom Motivational Book
• How to Make Money Online Working From Home

Andrew is a collaborative author on 2 books

• The Power of Mentorship Series.
• You Make a Difference

He is also an author of several Articles and Press Releases on the subjects of SEO 2.0 and Social Media and how to increase business through effective Internet Marketing.

Contact BrandSEO for a free consultation on SEO and/or Social Media Marketing.

Andrew is available for Media Interviews and Keynote Speaking engagements.

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