Andrew Sears

University President focused on Disruptive Innovation

I am the President of City Vision University where we are bringing radically affordable education through a $2,000 associate's degree and a $5,000 bachelor's degree. I previously co-founded MIT's Internet Telephony Consortium with one of the fathers of the Internet (David Clark)) focused on disruption in the telecommunications industry. Before spending the past 20 years living with and serving the poor with disruptive educational technologies, I worked as a consultant to Sprint, venture capitalist and internet startups.

I just finished reading tens of thousands of pages and hundreds of articles and videos as a part of my doctoral dissertation. I have literally put thousands of hours into the materials in the course I'm providing on Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education. I am providing it for free because I want to see change happen in this industry.

My approach and graduate education has been interdisciplinary combining technology (Masters in Computer Science from MIT), business strategy and innovation (startup and venture capital experience), policy (Masters in Technology and Policy from MIT) and education (20 years of experience and part of my doctoral work) as well as Theology of Technology (faith-based approach toward media studies).

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