Andrew Nielsen

Online Teacher, Occupational Therapist Student, Entrepreneur

Andy is a guy anyone would love learning from. He was an all-star student throughout high school and college. After school, he did business-to-business sales for about three years (selling products to other businesses like software solutions). 

Andy loved the skills he acquired in business,but he felt something was missing from his career and life.  He hated sitting in front of a computer all day, so he decided to change his life by switching his career path to that of an Occupational Therapist. He will be a student at an OT school starting summer of 2017. He received interviews at all the schools he applied to (and landed a few offers), so he's eager to share what he's learned from going through the whole process.

In his spare time, Andy loves hanging out with is wife and baby boy and coming up with new business ideas. Andy started a business transferring his Dad's old LP records onto CD's for folks in his town during high school. In college, Andy and his Dad created a product for people who have a hard time dealing with sheet music when playing the piano. 

Now, Andy enjoys creating digital courses that improve people's lives. He focuses on career development and entrepreneurship, but who knows where the future will lead him!

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