Andrew Kass

B2B sales and lead generation expert

Hi, this is Andrew Kass, a leader of Ganja Agency, a top flight lead generation and remote sales agency from Ukraine

I work in Kyiv, Ukraine, in area of IT sales, and enjoy graphic design and internet business. I speak Russian, English and German.

Educational courses for salesmen is my hobby since the year 2012.

The core of my competence is social networking in B2B and B2C sales. Now, I make a serie of educational materials, that will appear partially at Udemy.

A few facts about me:

➡ I am a salesman by the calling. For 10+ years of my carreer I've sold a litany of products: biofuels, agricultural goods, woods, lighting equipment, IT services and trainings are all among them.

➡The territories where my clients live and work include EU, USA, CIS, and Japan.

➡ I don't use cold calling as a sales method for past 3 years, because it is too ancient to be efficient nowadays. In my B2B sales practices I use mostly social networks.

➡ The most ravishing company I've ever seen is a fish trading company in Denmark. For 200 years of existance, they studied many many fish trade flows in the world, global prices, and logistics. And now, 50% of their company consists of traders and salesmen. I like to read about successful businesses to become inspired!