Mr. Andrew John Diaz

Social Impact Entrepreneur - Udemy Instructor

Well I can tell you this much, my story is as vintage and as real as they come. I didn't expect for the startup bug to bite me and for it to consume my life. But, I wouldn't change a thing, because there is one constant in my life and that constant is change.

Not all that long ago, I was doing the corporate grind and frankly didn't really have a problem with it. However, there is a fundamental difference between not having a problem with something and doing something because you truly love it.

It was that self revelation that allowed me to find my other self which has propelled me to start a few businesses and truly live the struggle of learning what mistakes not to make. Most people would wish to never fall flat on their face, but I seek failure at this point, because I know that if I fail fast then I will learn and hopefully never do it again.

What I strive to achieve in my life is to be able to help others in society with things that matter, like helping them find what they love and love to do. But, as most business owners will tell you, it's not always about what you achieve, but what you give back. That's why I decided to join the Udemy instructor team, to share what I have learned on my journey. I want nothing more than to be able to give back to the community and to share some tricks of the trade that will make my students journey a little smoother and faster than my own.

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