Andrew Gallgan

Entrepreneur, Engineering Student & Fitness Addict

I am an engineering student, entrepreneur, and fitness instructor based in South Florida. I am passionate about solving problems, and tackling challenges by using all forms of leverage and have fast tracked many people to their fitness goals. Learn how to get to your fitness goal from my "concept-method pyramid" teaching style.

"I am a problem solver. I love fitness, the human body, and making the world a more easy place to live in is my passion." - Andrew

I currently live near Miami, Florida where I am building my life, and my company. I began my fitness and nutrition career in college after I lost a significant amount of weight. I found that excessive weight was a problem for me and I solved it. Fitness came so naturally that, I knew it was the career for me. I'm a Mechanical Engineering major with a fitness addiction. I won the Congressional Medal of Merit award when I was a senior in college.

My motto is to teach methods that build on concepts. In my courses, you will be fast tracked through the underlying, and fundamentally important concepts before being taught result driven methods. Understanding why you're doing something, and then doing it is a great way to build enthusiasm, and perseverance which are key components in fitness, and life goals..

My goal is to give my students the ability to change their lives with the skills they learn in my classes.

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