Andrew Flaxman


Andrew Flaxman, founder and director of Classic Insights, B.A., Princeton (cum laude); M.A., Business, Rutgers; author of Learning from History, (Gifted Education Press of Virginia, 1990), “The Open I” (Humanities Education, University of Minnesota, 1991), “The Extra Senses in Our Perception” (Thresholds Quarterly, May 1999), “The Bhagavad Gita and Self Education” (Thresholds Quarterly, Winter 2000-2001), and “The Open I” (revised, Chrysalis Reader, 2001). -He has been inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner and is determined to bring a higher level of thinking to the Humanities.

Classic Insights Institute is a program patterned after the Princeton LIberal Arts experience but made very inspirational, not just intellectual. Flaxman's life has been completely devoted to bringing a much deeper understaning of love into every aspect of education.

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