Andrew D. Pope

Coach, Author, Trainer & Interpersonal Skills Consultant

I am a professional coach, trainer and interpersonal skills consultant. I run my own successful coaching and training business based in South Wales, UK and I'm also the author of a growing list of business and personal growth books including: "The Resilient Professional" and "Business Networking for the Bewildered."

Everything I do in my life and work is about helping people know themselves, know others and communicate more effectively. Life is always a work in progress.

I work with organisations, business professionals and private individuals of all kinds to help them communicate more effectively, develop greater personal resilience, improve their emotional intelligence and become more mentally tough. I also write and speak about interpersonal communication skills, management/leadership skills, balancing work and life and developing greater resilience.

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss working directly with me.

Check out my website for more details about my current on and offline training programs and coaching services.

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