Andrew Bassett

Veteran Hacker, Entrepreneur, Goofball

Andrew is the network operations manager for an all fiber-optic ISP in Oregon, having worked his way up from being the only other technician there over mumble mumble years ago. He keeps his staff simultaneously entertained and fearing for their safety.

He has spent twenty five years in various technology fields - including assembly language and driver development, writing web services in Python, network troubleshooting and penetration testing, deployment of VoIP services, and domain-specific language design. Returning from nearly every vacation he's ever taken, the office has been described as "eerily quiet" while he was away.

Andrew is a lifelong polymath, and strives to bring students a nonlinear teaching style full of interesting side notes, etymology, pertinent historical perspective, and the je ne sais quoi of his own bombastic personal narrative.

He demonstrates code related to udemy at this site.

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