Andrew Abraham

Event Planner and Startup Manager

Andrew has always had a passion for education. He has been teaching since he was 14 years old in one way or another. Be it traditional Shotokan karate to jazz guitar, he has always loved seeing his students succeed. By the time he was finishing high school his own personal thirst for education was becoming so ravenous that he dedicated a full summers to teach himself the basics of android app development and investing. He believes that there is never room for a dull moment in today's world, given the immediate access to online education.

Upon, entering college he fell face first into event planning after volunteering to become part of the universities 3 man race directing team. Little did he know that he was about to host a 2 day conference championships in a remote location, with no cell phone service, and treacherous road conditions. Despite the craziness that ensued over the next 3 months, it was the start of a turning point as he realized the fun that comes along with event management. He quickly started to re-evaluate his life goals and eventually switched majors from finance to marketing in order to be better equipped as an event planner and entrepreneur. Flashing forward, Andrew has coordinated many events and gatherings, made lots of mistakes, had a lot of victories, and is currently preparing the launch of his company. He has accumulated a lot of insights and is looking forward to sharing those with you!

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