Andrew Moore

Writer, Artist, Coach, Teacher & Lang. School Director

Hello students and new friends,

Nice to meet you! 

First and foremost, I am here to share, to help you learn things that might not be found anywhere else. As I consider all of the things I am able to teach about, I'm enjoying distilling them to the most useful ideas and actions for you to learn and successfully implement.

Some of the things I've done:

*U.S. Navy Veteran

*Heald Business College; San Francisco

*U.C. Davis; Web Dev. Certified

*TEFL Certified

*Many high-end Real Estate Assistant positions (appraisal, management, sales, commercial and residential), also nationally certified Home Inspector.

*I've ran clubs, driven taxi, cut salmon in Alaska, skateboarded with the best in S.F., fought forest fires (cert. chainsaws), and etc.- see below.,

*I produce my own music to perform and for my videos- all in Ableton Live with the APC 40 Controller. 

*I've DJed in 4 countries, 3 Burningman festivals, and as the sole DJ, in front of former Czech President Vaclav Havel at the 2004 Cows on Parade art opening in Prague. I lived there for a number of years and Directed a Language School. Here my emails started to become long descriptive missives. 

*In Valencia Spain, I taught the highest level of Cambridge English, was offered assistant Directorship, but declined. Had an art showing of my Photo-Shop work and drawings on my birthday- and continued to play and produce music. In Spain, I really started to write and my books started to take form. 

*Moved to Costa Rica and developed, produced and sold a licensed bio-diesel company named; Viento Verde and continued to dj and write. 

*Returned to the U.S., and successfully flipped houses in Portland OR and continued to write. I did not play music once in Portland, but took lessons from the only certified Ableton instructor in town. 

*Bought 2.7 acres on Mt. Shasta at 6,000' and built an off-grid home, mostly of my design and successfully sold that project. 

*On Mt Shasta, I self-published a 250K word book: Motor- Forward- Motion-. Now in the process of breaking it back up into the 4 books that it really is- and writing the closing 5th, of the series.

*Got married- on the mountain. Got divorced- off the mountain, and paid dearly for it. 

*Bought a 1988 Dodge Xplorer with 52K miles and in pristine condition, and drove to TX to check out Austin (and shoot video). 8,000 miles in 8 weeks.

*Now settled and working in Austin TX. Building my classes and podcast, producing music.  Loving art, culture and the wonderful people (and food) now around me.

*I am here to help. I've had a very unique 45 years on this planet. Almost 10 of those years were spent teaching, and I enjoyed it immensely. Now I want to share my particular experiences and insights, in an effort to help people become the best they can- as I continue to learn.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My best, always,

Andrew D. Moore

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