Andrew Boyd

Welcome to my world!

Born and raised in northern California near lake Tahoe, moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2009 to pursue my marketing dreams, working in nightlife and the hospitality industry. Worked in most of the number one nightclubs and pool parties in the world, and met some of the most interesting and hard working people you'll find anywhere on the planet. Las Vegas is home to, hands down, without a close second, the hardest working people in the country, possibly on the planet. It's the land of having 3 jobs, getting cut at 4am so you can be back at work by 9, working double shifts, graveyard shifts, crazy hours and even crazier people. Then in 2014 I made my move from gorilla and street level marketing to the online world, eCommerece, Facebook ads, Google Ads, SEO, Launch Jacking, affiliate deals, FBA,  basically whatever peaked my interest, and I never looked back. There's nowhere else in the world that on day 1 of a project it's possible to see hundreds of thousands of potential customers, with credit cards in hand, other than the internet. It's a beautiful place!