Andrei Parabellum

Guinness Book of Records winner and a bestselling author

My name is Andrei Parabellum and I am a serious student of interesting people, ideas and strategies.

I wrote over 150 books in Russian (70+ became bestsellers), hold a Guinness Book of Records‘ award for the largest online webinar (over 97,000 people signed up for it and 12,012 were present from the beginning to the very end) and run the largest online education site in Russia (over 500,000 registered readers).

I started an infobusiness “movement” in Russia back in 2007 and now it’s a new market with well over 100,000 trainers, speakers, consultants and coaches actively participating in making the world a better place by sharing their information, knowledge and skills with millions of people each year and making a lot of money in the process.

Milestones that I’m very proud of:

  • in 2012 got into a Guinness Book of Records with the world’s largest online webinar;
  • in 2013 my book on copywriting got a “Book of the year” award in Russia;
  • 130+ books written, 50+ bestsellers;
  • in 7 short years I got over 500 courses created, 12,000+ students, 500,000+ readers;
  • spoke at Jeff Walker’s PLF Live and Platinum Mastermind group;
  • spoke at the largest internet marketing event in Brazil (Fórmula de Lançamento);
  • spoke at the internet marketing mastermind and a seminar in France;
  • created an infoproduct with Dan Kennedy and 20 world’s best niche marketers: Titanium Secrets of Marketing and Money-Making;
  • in 2013 got an official award from russian FATF agency for helping legal business development in Russia;
  • over 3,000 people from over 50 countries every year visit my Infoconference info-marketing conference in Moscow, Russia; over 100,000 people downloaded and watched my previously recorded events;
  • spoke on stage with Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Rich Schefren, Marie Forleo, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Clay Collins, Jay Abraham, Mari Smith, Jeff Johnson, Andy Jenkins, Don Crowther, Lisa Sasevich, Stephen Covey, Allan Pease, Kjell Nordstrom (Funky Business), Jeffrey Liker (Toyota) to audiences of 500-4,000 people;
  • gave lectures at the largest universities in Russia (MGU, VShE, MGTU, etc.);
  • spoke at 30+ conferences and summits in Russia and abroad;
  • is a Certified Business Advisor by Dan Kennedy and an official representative of GKIC in Toronto, Canada;
  • founder of International Association of Business Consultants (BizKon) with 2,000+ certified members;
  • a member of Information Marketing Association;
  • spoke on 4 continents (Europe, Asia, North and South America): in Russia, USA, Canada, France, Brazil, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Turkey, Montenegro, Ukraine and Belarus;
  • own and operate an international network of independent franchises of Infobusiness2, BizKon franchises and certified consulting agencies all over the world.

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