Andre Gien

Chief Evidence Wizard

With 20 years of experience consulting to business globally I have witnessed the various ingredients that make business successful and those that do not.

One of the core ingredients to success lies in the the use of the only business scorecard. The financial statements. Using financial statements as a vehicle of both discovery and action has and most probably will be my sole focus and passion.

In my pursuit I have developed numerous methodologies that help business to use their financial statements creating break through improvements that have lasting cultural impact. My background both as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa and Australia combined with a Masters in Marketing and Logistics has enabled me to align financial performance with strategy and business output.

The development of Global Financial Bridge which is a financial statement performance tool is now used as an advisory system by over 500 businesses and CPA firms. I agree it is a slow process but the one thing I do know is that business performance is aligned with how effectively managers are engaged with their numbers and the story these numbers tell.

The creation of the Money Map (and for larger business the Treasure Map) has been a significant breakthrough for both Mick Holly and I. We have found through the process of developing the Maps for over 200 businesses that managers are engaged in a way that fundamentally changes how they view their business and their thinking.

Over time the Money Map became a process that can be deployed by consultants, business managers and owners. The deployment of this course was done to progress the movement.

Our mantra is that if this course can prevent one business from failing we have been most successful.

Have fun with the Money Map, you will find that you need no accounting expertise to do this just good old business sense will be all you require.

What we do

We transform financial statements into a story that engages the spirit of discovery creating opportunities to improve profit cash and returns

We have recently launched financial statement story podcast creating the core capability of how to read financial statements like a book in 5 minutes. Making financial statements a critical management tool that integrates strategy and its outcome measured in their financial statements.

Our Financial Statement analysis tool empowers communication of strategy, actions and thoughts through their financial statements. Enabling management to measure the impact of their past and future decisions within a one page scorecard.

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