Andrea Travillian

Personal Finance Expert

Tired of not understanding your money and how to gain control over it? Tired of being sold financial products instead of having a plan that is right for you?

If this is you, then I am the person for you! My name is Andrea Travillian and I am a personal finance expert with a focus on helping you thrive today while saving for tomorrow.

My training is in finance with a degree from the University of Iowa and my MBA from Creighton University. I have worked in banking, corporate finance with budgets and forecasts, taxes, and retirement investing both in the United States and abroad in Australia. Since 2008 I have been working with individuals and micro businesses to help them understand and manage their money.

I am a natural long term planner with the ability to help you focus on the future, set goals that will get you there and organize your life to help you achieve your goals. I focus on easy to understand and implement strategies to make living your perfect life even better.

Specialties: Investing for Beginners, Debt Reduction Planning, Money Management, Personal Budgeting, Personal Finance, Personal Development

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