Andrea Gaddie


From age 15, I cooked for my family, always thinking about presenting good food with a healthy twist. This curiosity continued to grow and so I attended chef school and started to work in the industry. I then went on to study an arts degree at Auckland University, but it wasn’t until 2006, when my light bulb moment happened. Contracting food poisoning whilst living in South America, I sought medical attention with little outcomes. After much persistence in the medical world, I turned my attention to alternatives. Going to see a Naturopath, who provided education on how to support my digestion and inspiration to take personal action, was a turning point that changed my life, my health and my career.

After much time spent researching and relishing in the wonders of nature and the body, I soon developed a strong affinity for the gastro-intestinal system. There was a real truth connecting what we eat and the lifestyle choices we make that affect our gut health. I was constantly excited to find new and innovative ways to improve my gut health using basic principles as my foundation.

My passion in this area grew and I decided to go back to university and kick some goals in this field.

So with much gusto, I moved to Australia to study natural medicine. What an exciting new stage I was embarking on! Throughout my college years, I was constantly motivated and driven by the desire to help others in the way the naturopath had helped me back in 2006. My mission became to transmit knowledge on positive eating and lifestyle principles to empower anyone willing to pursue a path to harmony, balance and optimal health.

Today, I am a practising Naturopath in Melbourne, Australia. In my clinic, I design well thought out and individual treatment plans combining traditional naturopathic philosophy with evidence based scientific medicine. I use my previous experience in communication and food knowledge to support clients to revive their gut health and realise their potential to achieving their health goals.

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