Ana Weber

Certified Professional Executive Coach

About Ana Weber…Business "Rainmaker," Writer, Speaker, 360 Degree Lifestyle Leadership Coach-Relationship Expert, and Philanthropist

The consummate "people person," Ana approaches every person and every new experience with joy and love. Her employees love to work with her, and her friends love to be around her. And at every company she has helped to manage, she's helped engineer massive revenue growth. As an example, she took one company from annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in just five years, while creating 83 new full-time jobs. If you ask Ana the secret of her long string of business successes, she'll tell you it's all about building relationships.

In addition to her many decades of business experience, Ana has achieved success in multiple parallel careers—as a writer, speaker, personal and business/professional coach, and philanthropist:


Since 2005, she's published 17 nonfiction books on personal improvement, covering personal happiness, time management, healthy eating, business/personal success, parenting and money relationships as well as a novel and a poetry collection. Her books have been featured on some of the top websites in the world, including SheKnows, VenusDivas, American Airlines, USA Weekly, Wall Street Journal and Bank of America Newsletter April, 2013.

As a freelance journalist who has published in Parents Magazine, Lifestyle, USA Today, USA Weekly, Wall Street Journal, Bank of America, American Airlines on flight Magazine, Celebrity, Orange County Register, and TV Guide, she has interviewed dozens of high-profile high achievers, among them supermodel Kathy Ireland, anti-aging expert Dr. William Andrews, and Melanie True Hills—e-business strategist, author, and founder and CEO of the American Foundation for Women's Health. (Detailed list of interviewees and publications on request.)


Ana's recent presentations include Canyon Ranch, Avalon European River Cruises (general public); Southwest Airlines, ADP, JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic (corporate), American Institute of Architects National Conference, University of Michigan Annual Education Conference, Eastern Michigan University (academic and professional organizations). University of Delaware. (Detailed list of presentations on request.)

360 Degrees of Success Coach:

Ana provides individuals and groups with practical tools to maintain a high energy level…merge their passion, talents, skills, educations and experiences…live in the present…and, most importantly, live a balanced, joyful, and successful life linking the 4 essential ingredients money-relationships-energy-time.


Known for her generosity in the charity and celebrity world, Ana raises funds for the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Children's Hospitals; Los Angeles, Atlanta and Heifer International. She has participated and given away gift packaging containing her products at various events including the American Music Awards, Golden

Globe Awards, Academy Awards and Hoodie Awards., Women of Global Change, Institute for Humane Education and College Summit.

Continued education Oxford College, England

BA International Business-University of Tel Aviv

Additional certification with IPEC – CPC and Master Practitioner Coach

National Speakers Association Professional Member

Ana has been interviewed extensively on television including: * FOX NEWS
* ABC San Francisco
* Good Day New York
* NBC Chicago
* NBC South Florida
* ABC Phoenix
* KUSI 9 San Diego
* Celebrity TV
* Fox Houston
* NBC Austin
* FOX Houston
* NBC St. Louis

Articles by and about Ana have appeared in print media including:

* Wall Street Journal
* Woman's World
* Copley News
* Chicago Sun Star
* Fairfax Times
* O.C. Metro * Philadelphia Edge
* Herald May
* OC Register
* L.A. Times
* Chicago Tribune
* Atlanta Journal Constitution
* Daily Camera

Ana has appeared on syndicated nationwide radio shows including:

* Be the Star You Are
* Straight Line Talk
* ABC Radio
* XM Radio
* The Bev Smith Show
* The Nigro Show * WMET Washington
* The New Lifestyle Radio
* Internet Radio
* Playboy Radio
* Table Talk Santa Barbara
* Clear Channel Radio Philadelphia

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