Emelianov Anatoly

Parapsychologist, psychic, healer

Hello! My name is Emelianov Anatoly. I’m a parapsychologist and psychic. I was born in Kazan in 1956 where I got my secondary specialized education. I’m also a professional martial arts trainer.

My extrasensory abilities were inherited from my grandfather and father. The abilities showed themselves after a big stress in my early childhood when I nearly drowned.

I had been hiding my abilities because I didn’t want to be different. But it is impossible to hide from yourself – I was constantly predicting events and seeing things that were invisible to others. When somebody was looking directly into my eyes, I knew what they were going to say. If somebody had some pain, I had to do nothing but look at him for a couple of seconds, and their pain disappeared.

That is how I realized that people need my abilities. More and more people started to ask me for help.

In 2009 I participated in the TV show Psychic Challenge and predicted the results of Olympiad 2010, plane crash in Smolensk, dismission of Moscow maire – Luzhkov, natural disaster in Europe in 2012. Some events came to life as soon as I made and announced my prognosis.

“There will be a crash with a warship,” I predicted. At the end of December 2011, there was a fire on a submarine in the Murmansk region.

“There will be plane crashes in the Far East and Asia,” I predicted. At the end of December 2011, a passenger plane crashed while landing.

I constantly predict the results of sports events.

Every day many people come to me. One of their major problems is health. Every day I receive patients. But unfortunately, I cannot consult everybody face-to-face. My aim is to use my abilities in the most productive way to help as many people as possible. That is the reason I’ve decided to make a video course that can help even those who cannot come to see me. The video has the same effectiveness as if one would visit me personally. I’ve been practicing my healing sessions since 1982. Since then, I’ve successfully treated more than 3,000 people.