Amy Noelle

Acclaimed Wedding Cake Designer

Amy Noelle, featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, NY Weddings, BRIDES, and The New York Times, is committed to fostering and helping others who want to follow their interest in cake design just for fun, a life-long hobby or even a career (like she did). Amy is a former actuary and high school math teacher who created a booming cake business in midtown Manhattan, Sugar Flower Cake Shop. She’s talented and knows how to teach. Amy is anti-fondant. It’s a personal preference. She thinks it tastes like cardboard! Instead, she covers her cakes in buttercream with a super-smooth finish, easily attainable at home using her recipes and techniques. Amy’s designs can be intricate, but are always meant to have an element of fun and, using her techniques, are accessible to designers of all skill levels. After all, at the end of the day, it’s just cake!!

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