Mrs Amy Brann

Trainer and Author

Amy is fascinated by the mind and loves to help people. Since the age of 3 she had decided she wanted to become a Doctor and help people feel better. When she started seriously preparing for a career in helping people the early secondary school she would read book after book searching for the full story on how the mind actually works and interacts with the body. She is still reading. During her second year of medical school at UCL she came across Coaching as a profession and became excited at what the field had the potential to achieve.

Amy has around 12,000 hours of coaching experience with a range of different people from all sorts of companies and organizations. She held the position of the Lead Coach for Europe for the largest NLP Training Company in the world was made the only Elite Coach in the company to reflect the results she gets with her clients and the contribution she is making to the field.

In 2007 she was asked to run the sales training for one of the leading promotional companies in Europe. Although she had no formal sales training herself, her understanding of people and how we make decisions and how to train people to get the most out of them meant that she quickly became a valuable resource. The MD of this company said “Since she has been working with us we have seen our team have a much deeper understanding of how to communicate what they are promoting, an increased positive response to our new sales style and an increase in our sales conversions.” Read more here.

Blending her research and experience of businesses and how people work gives her a unique view on things. Amy has been asked to lead and manage many different teams, which has given her the opportunity to deepen her study of training people and getting results in any situation, environment and with any personality types. Travelling to London, Dublin, Spain, Macedonia, Turkey, Egypt, Sydney, Hong Kong and Belize has shown her that these principles hold strong across cultures. Some of the high points have included organising training on soft skills for over 800 medical students from 81 different countries. Coaching individuals in the Caves and on top of 300 foot drops in Belize. Supporting 120 business owners in Egypt whilst facilitating their learning from 30 top mentors whilst travelling down the Nile on cruise ships.

“Creating a life that we enjoy and that we are able to look back over and think ‘that was great’ is something everyone should have access to. Being proud of what you’ve created and the way you did it is amazing” Amy is dedicated to continually working out ways we can maximise our potential, and enjoys every minute of it. She spends at least 25% of her time researching the latest developments in what we know about how people work and how we can apply that to help people work better.