Amilcar Abreu


A portraitist of international acclaim, trained by Joe Craig professional passion and artistic vision have made his a household name among photographers on four continents. His instinctive talent and magnetic charisma keep Joe Craig in great demand as a photographic consultant and lecturer around the globe.

Clients confront my camera with remarkable ease and rare trust; within minutes, I know their inner workings, fears, and dreams. The results of this rapport are intelligent portraits that transcend the usual clichés to speak volumes about personal character and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Trademark style that is, like the spirit of youth itself, a study in contrasts. Explosive images are an unexpected blend of fresh-faced innocence and sophisticated refinement; both quiet reserve and bold expression live in the soul of his interpretive portraits. Quaint, small town charm and international fashion flair work in a creative collaboration to fuse simplicity and extravagance.

Studio portraits that cost $15,000 to $20,000, our Joe Craig Black Label brand.' At that price the offering is much more intimate, with images sent electronically to land and shipped directly to guests' homes.