Amie Lynn Escher

Professional Soul Awareness Life Coach

Amie Escher is a Marriage Family Therapist Intern (MFTI) with a M.A. in Counseling Psychology. As an MFTI she helps clients navigate the challenges on their unique life path. In addition, she works as a Soul Awareness Life Coach. This form of coaching uses powerful tools and techniques that integrate mind and spirit. As a Soul Awareness Coach she helps clients shape their spiritual life purpose, open divine communication channels between Angels and Spirit Guides, undo limiting beliefs, and helps clients learn to trust intuitive guidance.

Escher holds her Doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science and Ordained Ministers Certification. She teaches in person classes, workshops and lectures on life changing spiritual growth subjects. She is the author of: 50 Important Truths to Remember:A Little Book For A Big Awakening which acts as a divination tool to discover powerful answers to your most pertinent questions. Currently, she is expanding her practice to reach thousands across the globe through her company, One Awakening. It is an online, community based sanctuary that provides tools and resources to connect and transcend the limitations of self. This project is still underway. For more info please visit the website and email Amie at to learn more. 


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