Amida Anyanzwa

Home Cook

Amida is passionate about cooking. The love for good food and having an eye for that distinct taste, prompted her to look for simpler and shorter ways of preparing food.

Brought up in a home where her parents believed in good food - that after a long day the whole family would gather for a hearty family meal. Meals in her family played a very important role in unifying the family because it is at the table that the whole family has to be present and catch up with the events of the day and the food had to be just right.

Her mother and late grandmother were good cooks and very particular in processes. The girls (cousins and her) had to help out in the kitchen and she tried to learn all kitchen tricks and recipes at a young age.

Cooking is an art and there are different ways of cooking different kinds of food and Amidas' home cooking, is just one of them.

Growing up and living in East Africa - Kenya to be precise exposed her to Swahili Coastal Dishes among other regular family dishes. She will share with you all she knows about food and Kenyan Swahili meals.


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