Amanda Nicole is a Christian author of four books. She spent 15 years teaching in her church—everything from Introduction to Christianity Bible study courses that she self-authored to teaching a young adult ministry how to better get to know God. Amanda has a heart for God's people and for seeing them live free, healed, and spiritually successful lives. Her books are in all different genres, and when asked why she doesn't just stick with one genre, she answers:

“I am a Christian single mother and serial entrepreneur going through a separation/divorce. I work as a freelance business consultant; I also work full time as a business analyst; and I am an indie author. My true passion is teaching, so that is what my writing and my books are really intended to do. They are created to teach others the lessons that I've learned the hard way throughout my life. That's why my books are seemingly all over the place in terms of subject matter and genre. I wear a lot of hats and have done a lot of things in my life, so in an effort simply to teach on what I myself have experienced, I tend to teach on a lot of different subjects.

But the truth is that whether I'm writing a book on divorce or a book for young adults, I consider them all to be the same genre. To me, they are all teaching books, and they are what some would consider to be self-help books. I realize that the world may classify them differently, and that is fine. Either way, the goal is to help others succeed, and that is my prayer with every word that I write."

Amanda claims no credentials other than her passion for writing and research, her commitment to seek God and to transcribe only what He has spoken to her (thus the name of her website, truthtranscribed), and her personal experiences with the subject matter on which she teaches.

It is her desire that those who read this book will receive clarity and be directed towards truth via the Spirit of Truth.

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