Amanda Lora

Owner of Dalicious Dishes

Hello everyone,

My name is Amanda Lora and I love to cook. I love all of the different ideas, tips, and tricks that are helpful to me in the kitchen. I creating my own recipes and adding my own twist to existing ones. I am not a trained chef but I am a woman with a passion for the culinary arts. As I am pursuing my MBA in Marketing, I am on a journey to discovery. That discovery is thriving my passion and integrating with my knowledge of marketing and technology. The best of all worlds for me in this case. I currently live in New York, The Bronx and I spend my days doing school work, writing recipes, teaching on Udemy, and pursing my entrepreneurial skills. I am exciting to be teaching here on Udemy and to spark up any inspiring you (my students) have. As much as I am sharing my passion, I want you to have found yours while taking my courses. My courses are interactive, friendly, humble, and beneficial. I look forward to interacting with all of you.

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