Amanda Lopez

Team Orenda Coach

Amanda Lopez began her journey in 2009 when she began to workout consistently, eat healthier daily and live the lifestyle of health and fitness. Once lifting the weights and seeing amazing results when being coached by Tikis Maciel, she began to fall in love with lifestyle. Realizing she could take control of her daily life and control her body she decided to take her fitness to the next level. In 2014, once she knew mentally she was strong, she decided she wanted to start competing in the NPC Bikini division. Amanda has always been competitive and puts her best foot forward to achieve the goals she would love to accomplish. Being a competitive athlete Amanda knew she would have to sacrifice a lot, including her love for food, because she does love her sweets and to bake! Nevertheless, will power and result are what kept her going. In 2014, Amanda competed 3 times placing top 10 and was guided by a great coach as well. In 2015 she has competed in 2 shows, which she had prepped herself along with Tikis Maciel, where she also placed top 10 as well. Knowing to sport a whole more than when she first started she wasn’t to help more women empower themselves as she did herself! Guide them on their road to success. Help prepare Bikini competitors for their first, second, third to infinity competitions as they chose! Amanda knows that with dedication and determination you will see success! “Dedication + Determination = Success

Amanda’s Accomplishments

  • NESTA Certified Physique & Figure Coach (specializing in Women’s Bikini Competitors)
  • 2014: NPC Pacific USA 2nd in Novice Bikini; 2nd Open Bikini
  • 2014: NPC Ferrigno Legacy 3rd Open Bikini
  • 2014: NPC Excalibur top 10 Novice Bikini; 5th Open Bikini
  • 2015: NPC California State top 10 Open Bikini
  • 2015: NPC Pacific USA top 10 Open Bikini