Actress, Model, Futurist Alyssa Wyspianski

Life is what you make of it... what are YOU making?

Health and fitness weren't always a passion of mine.

In fact, I even went through the “chubby" days.

It really played on my self confidence, especially

when people started attacking me for it. I went

through eating disorders, over exercising, and every

other unhealthy method of weight loss you could

think of. One day I had enough and decided to do

something about it and one thing lead to another.

Next thing I knew, I was competing in Beauty

Pageants and physique competitions.

Even more to my excitement, I started getting recognized.

It wasn't the awards that I was getting excited about

but rather my position to influence younger girls that

struggle just like I once did.

Here is a short bio list:

– Miss Teen Canada 2013

– Placed top 5 for bikini in MABBA 2014

– Provincials for bikini same year

– Face of Beauty International 2014

– Miss Universe contestant representing Canada

– Actress

– Nutritionist

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