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Training Experts

Alpha Education services is a bridge which connects you with a team of qualified instructors from around the world. We focus on providing short courses in both ways instructor-led and previously recorded.

Through our eLearning portal, we provide students with all the resources which would break the barrier of their time and priority constraints to bring the education to them. Our previously recorded classes are helpful for people to use the materials that are taught by several instructors at the same time.

We provide an array of training programs with varying modules and methods. There is no criterion about who should choose what type of program. Are you a computer programmer interested in taking up courses on leadership? You are the most welcome to learn from us. Are you not satisfied with classroom training? We can provide specialized focus on each individual through one-to-one instructor-led training.

Below are a sample set of courses which are provided for training sessions.


    a) Practical training about interpersonal skills, knowledge transfer, performance appraisal and other related areas.

    b)Providing details about what actually are the duties of a leader and methods of leadership, real time problems and advantages of each type of leadership.

    c)Developing communication skills, negotiation skill, knowledge about delegation and other skills, tools and strategies which would make them an effective leader.

Project management

    a)Training how to assess the risk and return of a particular type of project.

    b)Sessions on managing resources, including information and interpersonal skills.

    c)Practical training on interpersonal skills, communication skills and other related skills which would ensure a smooth operation, during the project.

TOEFL and GRE Exams Preparation

    a)The TOFEL test preparation class would help you to strengthen your English skill and also to achieve a high score on the test.

    b)This course helps to familiarize the students with reading, listening, speaking and writing skills and they are measured with the help of a set of questions and exercises.

    c)We provide GRE private tutoring, classroom courses for teaching the modules which would help you to prepare for the GRE.

    d)We also provide proven techniques which will help the students to score well on the GRE exam. This includes both guided instructions and practice sessions.

    e)Practical tests, materials, assessment and all study materials would be provided to cover all the aspects of the test.

Web design and Ecommerce

    a) One of the most demanded courses we provide is how to build your own online business and start making money from it.

    b) Students will learn about the strategies and techniques required to start working online regardless of what background they have.

    c) Finishing this course, students will be able to build online stores and online service portals.

Courses that Alpha Education and Services is enrolled in