Alon Cooper

Founder - The GuitarHippies Blog • Harmonica Jamz courses

Alon Cooper (Born 1990) is a self taught multi-instrumentalist with a passion for creating musical shortcuts and helping beginning musicians reach the level they want to get to - in the fastest way around. Alon is the founder of the blog GuitarHippies-com, one of the top five most read guitar blogs worldwide, and of Harmonica Jamz - a unique harmonica learning system, designed in an interactive way.

Over the last six years, Alon has spent many months backpacking through four different continents with his guitar and harmonicas, jammin' and teaching music around the globe - online and with local students. He is currently focused on creating new and uber-effective ways to teach the piano and the guitar.

Alon has over ten years of experience in playing music. He started with the guitar and currently plays and records music to various artists and to his YouTube channel with over ten different instruments, mostly as a one man band. These include the piano, harmonica, flute, trumpet, cajon, bass and more. 

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