Allison Poss, Ed.D.


I am a licensed school psychologist with a Masters of Science (M.S.) & Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.D.) in School Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. After I graduated, I was an adjunct professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha teaching in the Psychology department. That experience began my love for teaching, questioning, and collaborating with students.

As a school psychologist in my practice, I administer educational assessments which include IQ assessments. After studying and giving IQ assessments for a few years, I grew frustrated with how these tests measure intelligence. I felt intelligence was so much more than selecting a picture that completes a pattern or remembering a set of numbers. Students would give me these impressive, creative answers to questions on the IQ test but I could never count them as right because they were not in the answer book - that bothered me. Thus began my interest in creativity and how to cultivate, measure, and nurture it because I saw it as an intelligence and a vital life skill.

I decided to continue my education after being a school psychologist to give me more opportunities to learn about interest in creativity . I went back to school and graduated with a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D). in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies. During this time creativity was my focus of research and projects. For my dissertation, I traveled to various advertising agencies in the Midwest and interviewed the creatives at each agency on how their organization and leader can help them be most creative.

I loved conducing this research project so much, I started a creativity consulting firm, Axle Rev, to continue my work and help organizations discover how they can cultivate creativity. I co-founded Axle with my father, Kent McCuddin, who has been a creative director in the advertising industry for over 30 years. He also has a passion for creativity and has given many lectures on how to be creative that he called Brain Therapy sessions and has spoken at many events including TEDxOmaha. The mission of Axle Rev is promote the value of creativity and help individuals, leaders, and organizations foster creative intelligence.